Bone and Joint Surgery Center at UWMC

The Bone and Joint Surgery Center is an outpatient clinic located at University of Washington Medical Center-Roosevelt on Roosevelt Way N.E. in Seattle. The clinic provides complete health care and preventive treatment for a variety of bone and joint problems, including complex fractures and bone tumors.

The center has highly trained physicians and surgeons from the UW School of Medicine's Department of Orthopedics, as well as specialists from the UW Departments of Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine, and the Division of Rheumatology. Our doctors are experts in such fields as tumors, bone transplantation, joint replacement, spine and lower back problems, hand surgery, arthritis, and foot and ankle treatment.

4225 Roosevelt Way NE

Bone and Joint Surgery Center

Medical appointments
Phone : (206) 598-4288
Fax (206) 598-6360

The Hand Center

Medical appointments
Phone: (206) 598-4263
Fax (206) 598-7095


Bone and Joint Surgery Center
University of Washington Medical Center - Roosevelt II
4245 Roosevelt Way N.E., 2nd Floor
Box 354740

Seattle, WA 98105