Guidelines for Conducting Human Subjects Research at the UW

Steps to complete:

  1. All residents participating in research should complete CITI ( and HIPAA Compliance training. HIPAA training is required for all UW Medicine employees. CITI training is required for all performing research at the University of Washington.
  2. Identify appropriate study HSD #, confirm HSD # is active, and confirm you are listed as study personnel on IRB application or subsequent modification. If not, request that a modification be submitted to include you. This will include signing a Confidentiality Agreement that is specific to the study.
  3. Review approved study procedures in the Consent Form and in original application (bearing in mind that this may have been modified since submission).
  4. Review procedures in place to protect confidentiality in original application.
  5. Identify current recruitment materials as specified in the original application and subsequent modifications. Review acceptable recruitment methods (flyers, letters, online, etc.).
    You cannot recruit in any other manner than those specifically approved.
  6. Use ONLY current consent form WITH HSD approval stamp.