Bone and Joint Services

Bone and Joint Center of Seattle

The Bone and Joint Center of Seattle

If you have arthritis or other conditions of the hip and knee, Northwest Hospital is now one of your best sources for expert joint replacement and treatment services in the region. UW Medicine Orthopedic surgeons in the new Regional Joint Care Clinic provide high quality, state-of-the-art, safe and efficient surgical care for arthritic disorders of hip and knee joints, from diagnosis through rehabilitation.

The Bone and Joint Center of Seattle

10330 Meridian Ave N, Ste 270
Seattle, WA 98133
Phone: (206) 520-5000 or toll free (877) 520-5000

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Bone and Joint Surgery Center

Bone and Joint Surgery Center

The Bone and Joint Surgery Center is an outpatient clinic located at University of Washington Medical Center-Roosevelt on Roosevelt Way N.E. in Seattle. The clinic provides complete health care and preventive treatment for a variety of bone and joint problems, including complex fractures and bone tumors.

The center has highly trained physicians and surgeons from the UW School of Medicine's Department of Orthopedics, as well as specialists from the UW Departments of Medicine and Rehabilitation Medicine, and the Division of Rheumatology. Our doctors are experts in such fields as tumors, bone transplantation, joint replacement, spine and lower back problems, hand surgery, arthritis, and foot and ankle treatment.

4225 Roosevelt Way NE

Bone and Joint Surgery Center

Medical appointments phone : (206) 598-4288 or fax (206) 598-6360

The Hand Center

Medical appointments phone: (206) 598-4263, fax (206) 598-7095


Bone and Joint Center
University of Washington Medical Center - Roosevelt II
4245 Roosevelt Way N.E., 2nd Floor
Box 354740

Seattle, WA 98105

Dr. Seth Leopold

These fellowship-trained specialists include internationally recognized orthopedic surgeons Dr. Seth Leopold and Dr. Paul Manner, who recently moved their surgical practices from UW Medical Center to Northwest Hospital. Together, they have performed thousands of hip and knee replacements and other procedures, with excellent outcomes.

Dr. Seth Leopold specializes in surgical treatments for hip and knee arthritis. He is particularly skilled in minimally invasive methods of hip and knee replacement surgery, which can decrease postoperative pain and surgical risk and shorten the postoperative recovery period. Dr. Seth Leopold also is a professor in the Department of Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine at the University of Washington, and recently was named the editor- in-chief of Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research, one of the leading journals of his specialty.

“The patient with arthritis and I share a lifelong journey, and I hope to serve as guide, coach and cheerleader on that journey,” Dr. Seth Leopold says. “I care for my patients by actively listening and educating them about contemporary treatments.”

Dr. Paul Manner also specializes in joint replacement surgery, including minimally-invasive hip and knee replacement. His major interests include care and treatment of osteoarthritis. He sees patients for osteoarthritis (hip/knee); rheumatoid arthritis (hip/ knee); developmental hip dysplasia; metastatic disease to the hip/pelvis/knee; hip fracture; and meniscus tears in the knee. Dr. Paul Manner is also an associate professor of orthopedics and sports medicine at the University of Washington.

Dr. Paul Manner

“Many patients express interest in minimally- invasive approaches to hip and knee surgery,” Dr. Paul Manner says. “I believe this type of surgery, though technically challenging, offers many benefits to the patient, including less tissue injury, less post-operative pain, faster rehabilitation and a shorter hospital stay.”

Northwest Hospital’s joint replacement program also features award-winning inpatient care, including comprehensive rehabilitation therapy, which starts with individualized visits by licensed physical and occupational therapists while patients are still in the hospital and continues with outpatient physical therapy at the hospital’s Northwest Outpatient Medical Center.

For information about Dr. Seth Leopold or Dr. Paul Manner, or to make an appointment, please phone (206) 520-5000.