Harborview Medical Center Orthopaedics Center

Harborview provides numerous orthopedic services including skeletal realignments and stabilizations using closed, percutaneous, external, and internal fixation techniques. Similarly, Harborview treats associated soft tissue injuries using a variety of methods.

Harborview Medical Center map

As a Level I adult and pediatric trauma center, Harborview cares for some of the most complex orthopedic injuries in the Pacific Northwest. Services include complex pelvic and acetabular fractures, a limb viability service for individuals with amputations, a sports medicine program, as well as a hand clinic. The Sigvard T. Hansen Foot and Ankle Institute provides consultation and surgical procedures for complex foot and ankle reconstruction including genetic anomalies and traumatic injury. A podiatry service is also available through the institute. A complex spine service is offered in conjunction with Harborview's department of Neurological Surgery. This service treats injuries that result in severe damage to the spinal column, which often creates, compressed nerves, painful disc degeneration or abnormal movement and alignment of the spinal column.

Harborview Medical Center

Box 359798
325 9th Avenue
Seattle, WA 98104

Harborview Orthopaedic Clinic, Room 1 West Ortho Clinic
Medical appointments phone: (206) 744-3462, fax (206) 744-8849

Harborview Orthopaedic Administration (Receptionist), Room 6EC-21, phone: (206)744-3466, fax( 206) 744.3227

Harborview Medical Center - Ninth & Jefferson Building (NJB)

Box 359798
908 Jefferson Street
Seattle, WA 98104

Sigvard T. Hansen Foot & Ankle Institute
6th floor, main line phone: (206) 744-4830, fax (206) 744-5573

Hand Clinic
6th floor, main line phone: (206) 744-HAND(4263), fax (206) 744-5573

Spine Clinic
5th floor, main line phone: (206) 744-9340, fax (206) 744-9915