Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Interest Group (OSSMIG)


Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Interest Group (OSSMIG)The Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Interest Group (OSSMIG) serves to provide University of Washington Medical Students with opportunities to learn about and experience the fields of Orthopaedic Surgery and Sports Medicine. Throughout the course of the year we will be coordinating various activities that allow students to interact with Residents and Faculty in Orthopaedic Surgery and to explore their interests in the specialties. This year we hope to increase OSSMIG's peer mentoring capacity by having regular events with upperclass students who plan to match (or have matched) in Orthopaedic Surgery. We also plan to host opportunities for hands on learning by coordinating several operative anatomy and musculoskeletal exam workshops. If you have any interest in exploring or pursuing a career in Orthopaedic Surgery and/or Sports Medicine, we look forward to meeting you and your participation in OSSMIG events.

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Interested in an Orthopaedic Surgery
or Sports Medicine Preceptorship?


To begin the planning process for preceptorships
please read the information here and then contact the
Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine 
Preceptorship coordinator: Christine Pallasigui at
cptin5@uw.edu or 206/744-4927.


Resident Spotlight

Alan Swenson, M.D. (R5)

Adam Sangeorzan, M.D. (R5)

Stuart Michnick, M.D. (R5)

Lauren MacTaggart, M.D. (R5)

Colin Kennedy, M.D. (R5)

David Ibrahim, M.D. (R5)

Romie Gibly, M.D. (R5)

Kariline Bringe, M.D. (R5)

Mary Kate Thayer, M.D. (R4)

Adam O'Brien, M.D. (R4)

Erik Magnusson, M.D. (R4)

Jonathan Kark, M.D. (R4)

Claudia Christman-Skieller, M.D. (R4)

Kate Bellevue, M.D., (R4)

Matthew Baron, M.D. (R4)

Zahab Ahsan, M.D. (R4)

Anthony Yi, M.D. (R3)

Cody Tipton, M.D. (R3)

Brett Schiffman, M.D. (R3)

Eli Sayegh, M.D., (R3)

Boris Kovalenko, M.D. (R3)

Matthew Folchert, M.D. (R3)

Thomas Byrnes, M.D. (R3)

Prashoban Bremjit, M.D. (R3)

Jimmy Zhu, M.D. (R2)

Aditya Yerrapragada, M.D. (R2)

Gregory Walker, M.D. (R2)

Megan Terle, M.D. (R2)

Kacy Peek, M.D. (R2)

Mark Kohn, M.D. (R2)

Andrew Hulet, M.D. (R2)

Jacquelyn Dunahoe, M.D. (R2)

Jacob Wilkerson, M.D. (R1)

Cathy Vu, M.D. (R1)

Mario Taylor, M.D. (R1)

Ryan Stancil, M.D. (R1)

Corey Schiffman, M.D. (R1)

William Hannay, M.D. (R1)

Sara Gruner, M.D. (R1)

Sagar Chawla, M.D. (R1)

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