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Residents' Graduation
Graduating Residents and Faculty: Dr. Huang, Graduating Chiefs Brett Wiater and Cory Lamblin, Dr. Wagner, Graduating Chiefs Pete Scheffel, Ed Moon, Christian Sybrowsky and Aaron Chamberlain

Drs. Heidi Shors (Alumna ‘06), Rajshri Bolson (Alumna ‘09), Allison MacLennan
Alumni Drs. Heidi Shors, Rajshri Bolson, and Allison MacLennan who have become very successful hand surgeons

The fellowship-trained surgeon faculty of University of Washington Department of Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine provides expert and personalized surgical approaches to the bone and joint problems that threaten the comfort and function of thousands of individuals each year. These surgeons combine decades of experience, knowledge of the world's literature and their own cutting edge research to optimize the approaches to the vast range of conditions that can be effectively managed by arthroscopic surgery, arthritis and arthritis surgery, foot and ankle surgery, hand and wrist surgery, hip and knee reconstruction, pediatric orthopedic surgery, shoulder and elbow surgery, spine surgery, orthopedic trauma surgery, as well as tumor surgery and post surgical reconstruction.